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2010 Wanderings of the Id, A Suite of Dreams/Nightmares

Alo, Jill
La Reve
Baldwin, Beatrice
Idea, Emotion, Anguish
relief print
Bond, Theresa
Owl With Sleeping Woman
Serigraph on paper
Clark, Kathleen M C.
Nucleus-ities/ Dreams (Sueños)
Intaglio, Serigraphy, Chine Colé, Stitching.
Gray-Randle, Amy
Dream of the Migration

Solar Plate Etching with Hand Coloring

Guadagnoli, Amy
Id on the Prowl
woodblock print
Hayman, Carol
Freud Met Dali on the Beach
polymer plate intaglio
Hubner, Lynne
Full Circle
woodcut and linocut print
Kinbar, Anna
Crossing Over
mixed media
Lagattuta, Jo
Can It Be Repaired?
Polymer Plate Intaglio/Relief
McCroskery, P. Thames
Solar Plate Etching with Chine-collé
Randle, Susan R
Cycle Nine
Solar Plate Etching with Hand Coloring
Stevenson, CB
Territory of the Untamed