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2006, Dualities in the Natural World

Alo, Jill
Les Oiseau Doit Voler
betts, sylvia
To My Rainbow Daughter
Bond, Theresa
Mr. Mom
Drypoint and Spit Bite on Copper
Casey, Belinda
Two Tales
Copper, intaglio, text done with photo film applied to copper
Clark, Kathleen M C.
Etching on copper plate, Aquatint, drypoing, soft ground, collograph, machine embroidery.
Genet, Linda
There is no Black or White
Hayes, Angela
2 Color Linocut Relief
Hayman, Carol
Old Bridge
Solar Plate, polymer plate intaglio
Kayser, Cathie
Cyanotype with burning
McCroskery, P. Thames
Over and Under
Clay Board Relief Print with Hand painted Chine Collé
Navage, Sharon
Wo-man, hu-man "a Greek Translation"
Polymer Gravure relief roll, hand collaged and hand stamped
Pavlik, Anna Marie
No Cause & Solution Unknown
Copper, Polymer Plate, and Typewriter
Pittman, Kathleen
In My Element
Three color etching using solar plates
Gray-Randle, Amy
"See" Levels
Solar Plate, digital collage
Randle, Susan R
Polymer Gravure, single plate, with color roll
Salinas, Ashley
Delicious Fungi
Spraypaint Aquatint with Roulette
Savage, Cathy
Cowbird v. Blue Jay
Drypoint on Celtec Expanded Rigid Foam PVC (large plate), with collograph and copper plate etching chine colle; wax
Sharp, Zhna
Multi-plate Relief