Anna Marie Pavlik

Frankfort, KY - Kentucky  Member Since: January 1992

Kwee-moo-oo-oo, the great diver

Medium: Etching with Chine Colle'
Plate/Image Size: 18 x 30"
Edition Size: 50
Printer: Artist
Line etch and aquatint with an additional polymer plate map printing.
Artist's Comments:
The name of this piece is derived from the sounds which Loons make. This human interpretation of the Loon call is the bases for names Native Americans have given to Loons. In this etching the Loons body is made of the aquatic animals it eats showing how it fits into northern ecology. The great diver’s food consists of small animals found in lakes, streams and oceans; including fish and insect larvae, fish, crustaceans such as crayfish, and amphibians including tadpoles. The Loon is most accomplished in water, walking on land is difficult, and although they are strong in flight, take off requires spacious lakes.
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Price w/ Frame: $1300
Price w/o Frame: $1150

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